So, Titan EX. Difficulty level (when synced) is just short of the first floors of Alex (Savage) or Final Coil. Yes, it is HARD. Yes, we are going to wipe, a lot. This is a mechanic-heavy fight that requires a lot of dodging, a low ping, a half-decent frame rate, and everyone to be on the same page. TS/Discord is pretty much mandatory. And as soon as the first person's armour breaks, leave, repair, requeue.

Most importantly: stay calm, do not rage, do not feel bad if you die.
Raid wide DPS requirement: 1800+
Hard phase enrage timer: 10 minutes

This fight can get very cramped, so the entire raid needs to learn to move in a tight stack. If you are spaced out more than would fit in SCH's Sacred Soil, you are doing it wrong.

One DPS can die. Past that, you will not meet a) the DPS requirement, b) the healing requirement, or c) the tank-swap requirement, and it is best to wipe and reset.

Much like Garuda EX, there is a stacking tankbuster mechanic. You must tank swap at 3 stacks.

* indicates wipeable mechanics.

Phase 1: Single Landslide

Pretty much the same as Titan HM. Stack for Weight of the Land and move as a group, dodge landslides, and AoE heal when Tumult drops.

Geocrush works the same way as HM, except the platform gets *much* smaller, and that takes us into Phase 2.

Phase 2: Triple Landslide

A healer and a DPS will be marked for Granite Gaol. These need to be placed as far apart as possible. Ideally, the DPS gaol should be under Titan and the healer gaol should be slightly off the centre line. Break out the DPS first, then the healer.

(It will help if someone waymarks A for DPS and B for healer.)

After the gaols, he will drop Upheaval, a pb-knockback. The entire group needs to stack under Titan (much like Waukkeon in Neverreap) to avoid going over the edge.

Then a Landslide > Tumult > WOTL combo finishes off the first half of phase 2.

Second half he will drop bombs as in HM. Only one half will be covered: run to the other half. Then a Landslide and a Tumult follow, and phase 2 repeats.

Phase 3: 5 Landslides (!) and Heart phase

First half of Phase 3 is essentially Phase 2, except Landslide now splits into five, yes five. The areas in which it is safe to stand will be tiny so be extremely careful where you stand. After going off the edge a few times, you'll get the hang of where is safe to stand and where is not.

DOT classes should ensure RS+Xpotted dots are up at all times on Titan's heart. Do not clip DOTs, and Summoners should ensure Contagion is dropped when appropriate.

Bombs will spawn around the edge of the platform. Mark the first bomb; there will be a 5-Landslide and the bombs will detonate in order. Run to the marked one as soon as it blows.

There should not be much health left on Titan's Heart by now: you have approximately 10-15 seconds to finish it off* whilst dealing with Tumult + WoTL. DPS should be going all out and blowing every cooldown they have if the heart is not down by this point. It is often a very close call.


Fuck that. Go watch a video.

tl;dr Kill adds. Dodge stuff. There is a very specific strategy for dealing with the bombs.

Edit 15/11/2015: This is as far as we got.

Fail 1
Fail 2