Garuda EX Cleared! 14/11/2015

An asterisk * denotes mechanics that will wipe the group if not followed.

Phase 0: DPS check. MT tanks boss, OT hits DPS stance and hits as hard as possible. Both healers should Cleric and DOT/burst as much as possible, switching out as needed (which won't be a lot).

Phase 1: Similar to Hard. Do not get Debuff: Windburn from the circular AOEs. Can be Dispelled. Avoid Ability Cast: Mistral Storm the usual way.

Phase 1a: when Plumes appear, stack in the centre. MT should tank Garuda in between the two northernmost pillars. DPS burst on Add: Satin Plume* then AoE the rest.

Phase 2: Add: Chirada and Add: Suparna should be tanked as far apart as possible and burned, hard. This is a second DPS check*.

Phase 3: Ignore Passive Add: Spiny Plume. Destroy all others. Spiny Plume will add a stacking debuff on its target, so it needs to bounce between tanks in a manner similar to Ultima*. When Garuda disappears, burst DPS the Spiny Plume* and burn it as quickly as possible; when it dies avoid it's pbAOE but then it will spawn a shield, which you should enter ASAP.

Phase 4: Combination of Hard's Whirlwind mechanic (except they do not move); phase 2 and phase 3.

Phase 5: Alternating between 3 and 4 until the end.